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College Mentoring for High School Students and Graduate School Consulting Coaching

Are you a high school or college student wanting to get accepted into competitive universities in the U.S.* and Europe?

of students who completed The Ivy Centre program got accepted into their first college choice**


* Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Yale, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Berkeley, and Top 20 American schools
** Based on The Ivy Centre's 2021's results

Get Into Your 
Dream University


We are a team of consultants specialized in university applications to Ivy League schools and Top 20 American and European universities for both undergraduate and graduate degrees


Each Ivy Centre consultant has:

(i) a Bachelor's degree AND

(ii) at least 20 past mentored students who were accepted into a Top 20 university in the U.S. or Europe AND

(iii) a Bachelor's (completed) or Master's (completed or ongoing) or Ph.D. degree (completed or ongoing) from an Ivy League university, Stanford or MIT



(i) Not only do Ivy Centre mentors have proven experience through 20+ student acceptances into the Top 20 each, but they have also been through the admissions process themselves and gotten accepted into an Ivy League, MIT and/or Stanford;

(ii) All mentors undergo one year of training before taking students;

(iii) All mentors provide the same quality of service to all our students through the use of Ivy Centre's exclusive materials and application of the 5-Step Student-to-Ivy System, proven to maximize students' chances of admission into the Ivy League (Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Yale, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, University of Pennsylvania), Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Duke, Chicago and the Top 20 in the U.S. and Europe.

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Felipe A. Testimony
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Felipe A., Columbia University

Would you do The Ivy Centre's program again if you could?

​"Absolutely! I'd have done it sooner for sure!"

Stela Rosa, Upcoming Student at University of Pennsylvania