NO COST College Advising Video For High School And College Students

The 5-Step “Student-to-Ivy System” Developed For High School and College Students To Maximize Chances Of Getting Into a Top Tier University in the US

Simple and repeatable system proven to maximize chances of acceptance into Top Tier universities.

91% acceptance rate into Top 20 American universities in 2021.

In This Video, You Will Learn:

✓  Step-By-Step roadmap you need in order to maximize your chances of acceptance into Top Tier universities in the US

✓  You’ll learn how to shape yourself into what admissions officers from different universities look for

✓  How to make your weaknesses become strengths, like a below 4.0 UW GPA or lack of extracurricular activities

✓  The predictable 5-Step "Student-To-Ivy" system that has been PROVEN to maximize your chances into a Top Tier university

✓  How to eliminate 95% of the time-wasting activities you’re doing now and focus on what really matters for your college applications

AND you'll also be able to schedule a free one-on-one consultation call with one of our Ivy League-specialized mentors


Felipe A., Columbia University

Would you do The Ivy Centre's program again if you could?

​"Absolutely! I'd have done it sooner for sure!"

Stela Rosa, Upcoming Student at University of Pennsylvania

"I did my first round of applications right out of high school by myself. My applications were very bad... I sent to every college the same answers. Got rejected everywhere. With The Ivy Centre, I learned you have to have a coherent narrative, you have to play to your strengths and show that throughout your personal essay. I had no idea about that before The Ivy Centre. I learned how to stand out and not only meet the requirements (everyone who applies meets the requirements!).

So make sure you have the right person to assist you. You can't do it alone."

Nubia T. (Accepted into United Kingdom, United States, France's Top 20)

"The Ivy Centre is different from other programs because it's more personalized. You have more contact with your mentor, one-on-one contact, which is important because the mentor gets to know you more personally, helping with essays, planning, and college list more efficiently."

Matheus Farias, Upcoming Harvard University M.S./Ph.D. Student

Matheus Farias: Harvard University - The Ivy Centre
Matheus Farias: Harvard University Acceptance Letter - The Ivy Centre

"The American selection process is very complicated, especially if you are not from the U.S.. In Brazil, you're safe scoring high on this one test called vestibular for undergrad or selection process exams from previous years for grad school. In the U.S., the application is much more complex and unique, because the process is directly related to your experiences and to how you tell your own story. So it ends up being challenging to have access to actual quality material that has worked in the past.


The first thing I'd like to highlight is The Ivy Centre's access to past accepted applications. Their Statement of Purpose and Personal Statement bank of essays is a valuable resource! One of my mentors, Lara, personally shared other students' successes in the most competitive universities in the U.S., especially the Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, and Caltech. Reading and analyzing them together, I was able to model my own essays based on what I know works. 


The second thing I'd like to highlight is that, even though you have access to previously accepted material from other students, what to write on your application and how to write it depend on what you want to portray to the admissions officers. And exactly because of that, there is no other way: It DOES make a difference having someone who has been there to instruct and mentor you. It won't matter if you did the most amazing things in high school or college if you don't know how to write it the way THEY want to see it. You have to write it THEIR way. The Ivy Centre helped me enormously with that; Ivan, my other mentor, was extremely attentive - He'd spend every night with me, editing my documents, criticizing what needed to be criticized, and giving me valuable feedback. Today, he is someone who can not only tell my story, but tell my story better than I can do it myself!


There is no doubt in my mind that mentorship program was essential for me to get accepted into Harvard."

Klethon G., New York University Abu Dhabi

"The first time I applied, after 1 gap year, I got rejected in 19 out of 20 colleges that I applied, and waitlisted in 1. But I didn't want to give up on my dream, so I took a second gap year.


I worked closely with Lara and focused on my weaknesses. She gave me the foundation to build my second applications in a stronger way. I fixed all mistakes I made over the first round of applications and felt much more secure. I did a lot of extra things during my second gap year that really helped me become more competitive. I ultimately got accepted into NYU Abu Dhabi, a 2% acceptance rate university, with a full-ride!"

Felipe Polo: University of Michigan - Ann Arbor - The Ivy Centre
Felipe Polo: University of Michigan - Ann Arbor - Acceptance Letter - The Ivy Centre

Felipe Maia Polo, Upcoming University of Michigan Ph.D. Student

"I do not doubt saying that the mentoring service provided by The Ivy Centre was a key factor in getting me accepted into one of the top 10 Ph.D. programs in Statistics in the USA. The Ivy Centre mentors have extensive knowledge of the admission process to the best and most competitive undergraduate and graduate programs. At no time I felt lost or demotivated during the process, given I had their support. Since I met my mentor Lara, I have felt her passion and preparedness to help other students achieve their dream programs' admittance. 

In my case, the biggest help that The Ivy Centre was able to provide me was when I was writing the essays, which are so important for admission to the academic programs in the USA. Before I contacted them, my main difficulty during the writing process was to organize my story and motivation coherently, also making my strengths and passions explicit. A few meetings with my mentor Lara were enough for me to learn how to express myself correctly and put the best of me on paper. A great repertoire and achievements are not enough to be admitted to a top program. It is necessary to apply several storytelling techniques while writing your essays. The Ivy Centre mentors indeed master those techniques and are willing to teach you about them!

The Ivy Centre's mentoring service was an investment with huge returns. I recommend it to all those who wish to get admitted to the best undergraduate or graduate programs!"

Lívia L., Utrecht University and Leiden University (Top 5 Netherlands)

"Getting mentored was very important in my applications. When you're writing something, you can't really see from an outside point-of-view. So having guidance from someone with experience who knows about the application process allows you to get familiar with the process. I was not familiar with this process at all, so my mentor explaining everything to me in detail during every step of the way was very valuable!


I also had the help of my mentor to prepare for my college interviews, so I was confident of what I was going to say. I would, of course, recommend this mentorship program to everyone!"


"The first attribute you notice about Lara is her passion in helping others learn and grow. As a mentor, motivator and friend, the fact that, apart from being a mentor at The Ivy Centre, she also founded nonprofits for the underprivileged to also be able to receive quality mentorship program to top schools epitomizes her love and drive in pushing others to extend themselves. Always willing to support professionally, emotionally and socially, Lara's friendly and humble approach to any task at hand makes her an incredible asset to so many people's lives. She is incredible in not only getting you to see the light in the tunnel, but marching up there and switching on the light with you. It was an honour to be Lara's mentee and I know her charismatic charm will take her really far in life."

Nubia T., Student, Class of 2023

"The application process is extremely challenging and often overwhelming, so having a mentor is a key resource to get you to succeed. Lara not only helped me find the right strategies, but she also believed in me, giving me more confidence to believe in myself."

Felipe A., Student, Class of 2022

"I'm very lucky to have found The Ivy Centre and my mentor. You don't feel like you're just dealing with a company, but with people who really care about your success."

Sharalyn D., Student, Class of 2024

"We had initially hired a different company before The Ivy Centre and, once we tested The Ivy Centre's 14-day money back guarantee trial, we just fell in love with the respect, attention, and knowledge from our mentor. She is extremely knowledgeable - more than all consultants we had talked with - and goes out of her way to always help my son. Their calls also frequently last more than the time we originally agreed on and we feel that The Ivy Centre isn't like the other companies. My son couldn't be happier!"

Ângela P., Parent of Class of 2025

"My mentor helped me all the way from planning out relevant extracurricular activities, brainstorming all my essays, practicing for interviews, and understanding the application process as a whole. My mentor was more than just a mentor; she is a, now, a lifelong friend."

Sarah D., Student, Class of 2023

"It takes a lot to impress my daughter, but in only 3 sessions, she found in her mentor more than just a college consultant. They work together from selecting activities to correcting essays. My daughter even landed a free research position with a professor from Columbia University with Devin's help!"

Wyatt J., Parent of Class of 2024

"The best part of the program is the essay help. I had to do my personal statement 6 times until it was finally good, and my mentor never complained about the time spent with giving me feedback and redoing essays. Lara really cares about your application being perfect. Without her help, I'd have never submitted such good essays that got me into my dream school: Stanford."

Anna B., Student, Class of 2022

"In only a few months working together, I've already landed a research position with the MIT, learned all about the application process, practiced for essays, and planned out all my extracurriculars. The motivation I get from my mentor is something you don't easily find. Sometimes I'm anxious at 2 a.m. and text my mentor and she always helps me. I couldn't recommend more for you to try out The Ivy Centre!"

Pradeep V., Student, Class of 2025

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