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NO COST College Advising Video For High School And College Students

The 5-Step “Student-to-Ivy System” Developed For High School and College Students To Maximize Chances Of Getting Into a Top Tier University in the US

Simple and repeatable system proven to maximize chances of acceptance into Top Tier universities.

91% acceptance rate into Top 20 American universities in 2021.

In This Video, You Will Learn:

✓  Step-By-Step roadmap you need in order to maximize your chances of acceptance into Top Tier universities in the US

✓  You’ll learn how to shape yourself into what admissions officers from different universities look for

✓  How to make your weaknesses become strengths, like a below 4.0 UW GPA or lack of extracurricular activities

✓  The predictable 5-Step "Student-To-Ivy" system that has been PROVEN to maximize your chances into a Top Tier university

✓  How to eliminate 95% of the time-wasting activities you’re doing now and focus on what really matters for your college applications

AND you'll also be able to schedule a free one-on-one consultation call with one of our Ivy League-specialized mentors


Subah Mahbub, Princeton University