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NO COST College Advising Video For High School And College Students

The 5-Step “Student-to-Ivy System” Developed For High School and College Students To Maximize Chances Of Getting Into a Top Tier University in the US

Simple and repeatable system proven to maximize chances of acceptance into Top Tier universities.

91% acceptance rate into Top 20 American universities in 2021.

In This Video, You Will Learn:

✓  Step-By-Step roadmap you need in order to maximize your chances of acceptance into Top Tier universities in the US

✓  You’ll learn how to shape yourself into what admissions officers from different universities look for

✓  How to make your weaknesses become strengths, like a below 4.0 UW GPA or lack of extracurricular activities

✓  The predictable 5-Step "Student-To-Ivy" system that has been PROVEN to maximize your chances into a Top Tier university

✓  How to eliminate 95% of the time-wasting activities you’re doing now and focus on what really matters for your college applications

AND you'll also be able to schedule a free one-on-one consultation call with one of our Ivy League-specialized mentors


Subah Mahbub, Princeton University

Subah Mahbub Testimony - Princeton Class of 2026
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"As a sophomore I was doing so many clubs and things that exhausted me. I’d stay back at school until 7, 7:30pm, and I was going nowhere. I had no direction. So Lara taught me to be strategic and only do things that I truly enjoy and value. When you do that, you’ll be able to contribute more of your time and will be passionate about it. You’ll make it yours, and that’s what will shine through your application"


Felipe A., Columbia University