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Get into Your Dream University

Are you a high school or college student dreaming about your acceptance into competitive universities* in the US or Europe?


of students who completed The Ivy Centre program got accepted into at least one of their Top 3 college choices**

* Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Yale, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Berkeley, and Top 20 American schools
** Based on The Ivy Centre's 2021 and 2022 results




of students who completed The Ivy Centre program got accepted into at least one of their Top 3 college choices**

Students mentored

Students approved in the Ivy League

About us

We are a team of consultants specialized in university admissions to the Ivy League (Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Brown, Dartmouth, and Cornell) and Top 20 American and European universities (UK, Netherlands, and France) for both undergraduate and graduate degrees





Each Ivy Centre individual mentorship consultant is highly qualified and has: 

(i) a Bachelor's degree AND 

(ii) at least 50 past mentored students with at least 70% acceptance rate into a Top 20 university in the U.S. or Europe AND 

(iii) a Master of Science (completed) or Ph.D. degree (completed or ongoing) from an Ivy League university, Stanford or MIT


Our services


Essay Program

> We offer short- and long-term availability

Whether you are American or foreign, a 9th grade high school freshman, a 12th grade high school senior or a college student looking to get into the best university programs in the United States and Europe, our individual mentorship packages guarantee that each student will work with the same mentor with a 100% Personalized Application Process for the entirety of their contract for up to 4 years, so the student's progress isn't lost in the process of mentor change or consultancy instability.

> We care about you

While most consulting services offer an unpersonalized prep program to everyone, The Ivy Centre cares about each student's personal development during the process as well. Because of that, all of our mentors undergo thorough training, updating strategic sessions to each student's particular weaknesses and strengths, and have, at least, a 9 out of 10 Net Promoter Scores provided by their students quarterly. Every mentor is also available off-session in order to support the student and parents in every step of the way.

> Mentorship program

We offer accessible group sessions for students who cannot afford to join our individual, one-on-one, mentorship program. Group sessions happen weekly and 

include specific essay corrections per student; our individual mentorship program is based on a 100% personalized application process.

> Essays

Unlimited reviews on accorded essays until Ivy League essay standards, starting at $200 (contact us for details). For students close to application submission, 1 individual session to discuss student's background, essay structure and brief writing strategies with one of our Individual Program mentors is provided.

Our method


in 5-step 



The perfect weakness approach


The perfect college fit


The perfect Admissions Officers student


The perfect strategy


The perfect execution


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Step-by-Step roadmap

Student profile shaping

Make weaknesses become strenghts

BALANCE copy.png

One-on-one (or group) sessions

5-step Student-to-Ivy method application

Focus in what really matters

The Ivy Centre works 


Mentorship program based entirely on our 5-step Student-to-Ivy System developed for high school and college students to maximize chances of getting into a Top Tier university in the US and Europe

✓  Step-By-Step roadmap the student needs in order to maximize chances of acceptance into Top Tier universities in the US and Europe, starting at $3,500 (group program)

✓  Individually-tailored one-on-one sessions going over student's needs, such as relevant extracurricular activity development, examinations, application strategy, essays review and brainstorming, recommendation letters, and interview training

✓  Learn how to shape student's profile into what admissions officers from different universities look for

✓  Strategize student's application in order to make weaknesses become strengths, like a below 4.0 UW GPA or lack of extracurricular activities

✓  Learn and understand The Ivy Centre's exclusive and predictable 5-Step "Student-To-Ivy" system that has been PROVEN to maximize students' chances into a Top Tier university

✓  Plan out how to eliminate 95% of the time-wasting activities students do and focus on what really matters for college applications

Some of The Ivy Centre Results

How we work

Class of 2026 Testimony